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  • Yeah this was highlighted at the Ōtautahi rally.

    The US military alone emits more CO2 than most countries. War and genocide are bad for the climate, as well as for humanity.

    Will Appleby from SAFE pointed out that live animal exports are not only cruel, but they contribute to global carbon emissions.

    Rolling back oil and gas bans is going to increase emissions, and those sources won’t even be online for another 10 years. The fast-track proposal is about silencing the majority that don’t want more oil and gas exploration.

    All of these issues intersect in some way, and all of them need to be addressed.

    I thought the messaging was pretty clear to be honest.

  • Weird take tbh… we currently restrict sale of these products to people over 18 - I don’t see this as much of a change from that conceptually. It’s a clever method as it allows current addicts to continue without a sudden cold-turkey stop, but makes it much harder for future generations to gain access to tobacco.

    We need to end the tobacco industry somehow, and this is a reasonable way to taper it out of existence. Other scrapped plans include removing nicotine and other addictive substances from tobacco, and removing tobacco from being sold in dairies and service stations.