You may not be aware we have a Matrix chat room that anyone can join.

Quick start

Just want to join?

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a chat platform. It is similar to Discord or Slack, if you’re familiar with those, but Matrix is decentralised - similar to Lemmy.

Note that, in the same way there are multiple sites and multiple apps made by different people that you can use Lemmy with, there are also multiple sites and apps you can join Matrix with.

Why Matrix? (and not Discord, Slack, etc)

Matrix is very popular across Lemmy and the wider Fediverse, and it is for this reason we also use Matrix.

Where can I get an account?

As Matrix is decentralised, you can sign up on any instance, which will allow you to communicate with anyone on your own or any other instance.

As this is, it may be logical to sign up on, but there are many others listed here.

I have an account, what next?

There are many different Matrix clients, but the most popular is Element, made by the same people that created the Matrix protocol. You can download it here. Also see the list of clients here.

Install it, log in, then go to this link to get the option to join the chatroom.

The end

Reply with any questions or if you’re having trouble and we will try to help!

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    11 months ago

    I think it’s probably a difference in handling the # since one link uses # and the other has the code version %23. I’m not sure what I can do to resolve that. Unless there’s another format that can be used for matrix links?

    • @surfbum
      10 months ago

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