The sun dial worked during daylight, but how did people agree on what time it was at night before clocks were invented?

  • @deadbeef79000
    64 months ago

    The first pendulum clocks “broke” when shipped to other parts of the world. They didn’t keep the same time as the place of manufacture because gravity was ever so slightly different (Earth being an oblate spheroid) approaching the equator slowed the clocks down enough to slowly lose time.

    • @[email protected]
      34 months ago

      There were so many problems with monitoring time. Even today I always dread it a bit. While we’ve tried to at least move the issues from the mechanistic to the philosophical, we still run into things like the Y2K and the 2038 problems. Hell, I remember running into an issue with calculating leap years and such as an undergrad.

      I like to think that, if nothing else, it gives me a greater appreciation for Discworld.