Last month we set a starry banner image for Matariki. It would be good to have some suggestions for new banner images.

So please post some suggestions, if we can get a few different ones to line up for the next few months (changing each month) that would be great. Original content encouraged but not required!

Upvote the ones you like and we’ll try to prioritise them. We will start with a new image from next month (September).

Just so we know what we’re talking about, this is the current banner image. You see it when you go to the community page (though it can look different depending on app or how you’re accessing it):


screenshot of !newzealand community page with starry banner showing

Edit: Also please include a credit or source if applicable, which we can put in the side bar.

  • @DaveOPMA
    23 months ago

    Thanks for submitting this. I had intended to start photos in September, but missed it and feel like they should be up a whole month. So I’ve thrown in another image for the rest of this month, have the other submitted photo for October, and I’ll add this one for November 🙂