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    Neoliberalism is just how social studies people call contemporary liberalism.

    In politics and economics, this is what most people will understand as “liberal”. Not just some vague references to liberty like the dictionary meaning, neither classical liberalism from the 1850’s.

  • First Nations blessing is a bit of a gray area because they are not necessarily performed as a religious practice. Instead of a prayer, it’s interpreted (by those present) more like a First Nations representative formally acknowledging that the decisions about to be made are made with their participation.

    It’s a cultural complexity that elders are often also seen as religious leaders and they’ll often speak in religious terms, but their blessing is foremost under the guise of a representative - not a cleric.

    As for a regular Christian prayer… its sole purpose is a ritual for those in that religion.

  • Tldr climate apocalypse for the coffee plant might shift the market towards alternative plants. While technically true that coffee plantations will struggle in the coming years, this just means higher prices and worse average quality off the shelf.

    A bit of nothing news, imho.

    Coffee alternatives like rooibos are already here and the market is very resistant. Cheap coffee drinkers are irrationally attached to the bad taste they feel nostalgic for. Fancy coffee drinkers will absorb the higher costs without looking for alternatives. It’s only the tea-adventurous coffee drinkers that care about these innovations, usually due to caffeine consumption restrictions which is also a disputed market because decaf coffee quality is improving.

  • Dark roast does have more caffeine per gram, because there are more beans per gram, because beans become lighter as roasting continues and more CO2 is released.

    Counting caffeine per bean indeed darker roasts have less caffeine, but it’s a tiny tiny difference, so the effect of the whole bean getting lighter wins out when measuring caffeine per weight.

    As for decaf, all methods affect taste. Swiss Water isn’t inherently better. Water is a chemical solvent. Is this an ad?

  • To this day I’d still say muscle building is the bulk of my subconscious motivation to hit the gym. My Physio appreciates the commitment because I need to take care of my knees, but it hits home that I’ve been worried about being lean and muscular since a pre teen.

    I vividly remember one judo class when I was sparring with one of the few girls in class, and while we were the same size, she was more experienced (two belts up). Mid spar, she commented how strong my grip and distance control was, proceeded to flap open my kimono, the commented “you still do need to turn it up in the gym though”. ding ding ding new core memory just formed lmao

    I think that was the first time my body was so openly judged to my face, and it was pretty much about the looks since we just stablished that the strength was there

  • As a Coal Harbour resident, I would value my apartment so much more if the seawall stretch around the Harbour Green Park had more stuff going on. More sports, more stalls, more cafés, more music, more everything. Coal Harbour’s specialties are nail spas, dentists and home decor. FFS there’s a dentist clinic with a view of the marina. What the hell. Meanwhile the whole seawall stretch from Convention Center to Stanley Park gets a single food vendor, which is of course overpriced hot dogs.