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  • +1 for Voyager, I’m with them also - have used them for the last 3 years and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an outage, speeds have consistently been great.

    Fairly local peering too, so for my offsite-backup at a friends house in Dunedin where I also am based, the traffic only has to go via chch, rather than Auckland with some providers. Though I think some places like 2Degrees may have Dunedin peering. Not a problem for me anyway!

    Static IP being one-off fee as it should be is a big tick. They also didn’t raise my price for some reason when they recently did update pricing and I have a friends and family discount even though I don’t think I’m friends or family :)

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    Depending on how dirty it is, I would assume at the very least cleaning the car removes things that can harm the paint (and result in corrosion later down the track) like bird poop, road grime and brake dust to name a few things.

    Even just washing very infrequently, maybe a couple times a year could probably save the paint on your car and prevent premature corrosion of a vehicle!

    Plus some people just like their car to be shiny I guess!

  • You can use whatever port if you’re proxying it to 8448 (assuming the container host is listening on that port which it would be by default).

    If you use matrix.example.com and proxy port 443 to 8448 then it should work as your user would be @user:matrix.example.com.

    You would need to portforward from outside your network if you want to access it and have it talk to other servers as they all need to communicate with your server.

    Personally I wanted matrix to show my user as @user:example.com at my actual domain not as a matrix subdomain, so I had to setup the .well-known/server type http path to tell it my server is actually at matrix.example.com.

  • I run my own Dendrite server and have had it work pretty well.

    Initially I chose Dendrite over Synapse as I heard about Synapse being quite heavy in terms of load, and my overall experience with Dendrite has been pretty good!

    I run the server just for myself, but have it setup with Signal and Messenger bridges that work flawlessly (apart from one time when Facebook thought my account was hacked and had to reauth!)