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  • It’s not that you’re wrong. It’s more that I don’t understand what you’re proposing as an alternative. To add to the comments here pointing out that that’s how CDNs work: for many designs of website, the CDN essentially is the website, being served from a cache by the provider. Even when this isn’t the case, you would normally have a load balancer in front of whatever was serving your website so that if you need to swap out the server for maintenance upgrade, etc. you don’t need to tell who your visitors to go to a different address. In that case, your certificate would be attached to load balancer rather than the server behind it.

    If this was a 1990s and I were trying to run my own server on my own hardware in my bedroom, you might have a point, but please explain how you would implement an alternative in any meaningful way today.

  • On checking: You’re correct that the royal mail and the post office are separate organisations. They split in 2012. At the time of the majority of the active development of the horizon scandal, they were the same organisation however.

    I would still want to apply the same test - not just demonstrating a notional or paper loss, but that something has actually been stolen and acquired by some other party. This was one of the signal failures with the horizon scandal: that it was simply a bookkeeping error and they were unable to show beyond that any theft or loss on their part or gain by another party.

  • This is the second order effect that doesn’t seem to have been at the centre of the conversation. It’s all very well if you are an established company who took out an office lease at the beginning of the 2020s, you have a bunch of boomer managers who basically need daycare, and the HIPPO at the top is also a boomer acting all entitled about having people come back to the office.

    It’s something else. When you’re starting a new business and seeking investment capital, do you think your investors are going to want to spend their money on office accommodation and ability staff like receptionists, cleaners etc, if they think they can get equal or better results without it?

  • We’re now in the second week of an incompatible pre release version on SDF. Other instances have also reported federation problems with this instance. I haven’t seen any sort of statement here about the situation or action to fix it. People in glass houses etc…

    I came to Lemmy largely because of the Reddit API switch off and that’s effectively what this instance has done…