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  • Honestly, I agree. I’ve cleaned up the thread a bit but it still seems pretty nasty.

    I’ve personally had the opinion that we should go for a more isolationist approach with an allow-list when we move away from Lemmy and into Sublinks. I think it’s worth trying.

    Personally, I really wish we could have an invite system, I feel like it’d be better than asking a friend to fill a form - that feels a bit rough. It would also encourage word of mouth and organic growth imo. And people tend to have likeminded friends so it would probably help form culture.

    As a side note, I think we need some new blood in moderation teams, I think some people have moved on.

  • Do you think they’d stop being bad people if they couldn’t make an honest living? Would it be better or worse if they were on the street? Do you think they might resort to criminality also?

    I don’t think anyone deserves living in the street. I don’t think they will stop being bad people whether or not I support them. It seems you’re trying to move the goal post.

    Do you feel better knowing they aren’t getting your money? Even at the cost of them ever doing anything good for anyone?

    I feel better that they aren’t getting my money because they cannot be empowered to hurt the people I care about. I think they can do good things without my support. This seems like a weird thing to say.

    Also, this is clearly sealioning. It’s really not a good way to make conversation.