I subscribed to [email protected], so I can see the posts from here. I did it by seeing a post from my local server (infosec.pub) and going to the community and joining it.

How do I get to other places in the Fediverse, though? I’m on jerboa and want to interact with e.g., https://kbin.social/m/[email protected]/t/11331/Is-Lemmy-your-first-time-on-the-Fediverse

  • @rimu
    1 year ago

    You can put that url into the search (magnifying glass in the top right) and then you’ll be able to view that post within your instance.

    But there’s something even better - if you put “[email protected]” into the search then you’ll see a bunch of posts appear from that community.

    Just above the list of search results is a link saying “<icon> [email protected] - 29 subscribers”. It is not very obvious or highlighted in any way. Lemmy should fix this.

    Click on that and the contents of that community will be displayed - crucially, it’ll be displayed by your instance. You haven’t gone to lemmy.ml, you’re still on your home instance (check the address bar of your browser).

    In the top right there is a nice big “Subscribe” button. Click it. Now all the posts made in that community will show up in your home feed.

  • @[email protected]
    31 year ago

    Jerboa search only finds communities that at least 1 person on your instance subscribed to, to find new communities from other instances easily I like to use https://browse.feddit.de/

    Then when you find a community, go to the web version of your instance (don’t worry it’s (mostly) mobile friendly) and type [email protected] (don’t forget the !) Then you can subscribe there. Close and reopen Jerboa and your new community will show up in the list. The Jerboa devs are working on fixing this.