Hey everyone. If you want to post links or discuss the Reddit blackout, please localize it to this thread in order to keep things tidy!

  • @bruzie
    158 months ago

    If you use Power Delete Suite there is the option to download your comments before editing (or just download). However it’s not great if you’ve got years of comments. If you click the download button it caps out at about 65k. But if you inspect the button the full export is available in the href so you can copy that into notepad. However the formatting is not great (CSV unfriendly characters are escaped), so it’s a bit of a clean up.

    There is the alternative of requesting all your data from Reddit itself. A preview I saw from someone else shows a more extensive dataset than you get from PDS. I’m still waiting on my data request (it’s only been a day and it can take up 30 days).

    • @[email protected]
      8 months ago

      Thanks, Power Delete Suite was exactly the type of thing I’ve been trying to find for the past few days.

      I want my contributions out of Reddit’s hands, but still leave a protest up. PDS allows me to edit all comments and self posts to “[this user data has been purged]”.