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  • StreetComplete is godsend. Editing OSM in JOSM, iD, etc, is not trivial and involves reading a lot of documentation and forum posts (if you care to do things right), which of course isn’t anywhere near practical for small devices when you’re on the go, surveying.

    This app changed my whole routine. The interface is really solid and helps the community target important tasks, rewarding it with little prizes. Althewhile, the gamification is kept at a very healthy level, to avoid attracting leaderboard seekers and whatnot, which would certainly lower the quality of contributions.

    I think the contribution day grid (akin to GitHub’s thing) as well as the dynamic category explorer, the badges and the OSM-related projects it reveals to you bit by bit really bring everything together. It’s an incredible tool!

    For the experienced (and this is not said lightly), there is the expert version, which adds more advanced editing features for those looking for a bit more control in regular SC.

  • O problema é que o e-mail não é capaz de cifrar uma série de metadados bastante relevantes, tais como quem envia e quem recebe as mensagens. A aplicação de PGP, que tb tem os seus problemas, pode ser relativamente eficaz para proteger o conteúdo da mensagem em si, mas há toda uma outra dimensão para lá disso que fica visível.

    É pena, porque o correio eletrónico é muito conveniente e é um bom meio de comunicação para muita coisa.
    Já ando a pensar fazer um cliente de Matrix (ou XMPP, mas estou mais familiarizado com o outro protocolo) que se assemelhe a um de e-mail, ao invés de uma aplicação de mensagens comum. Infelizmente o tempo não dá para tudo.

  • Nunca usei Tuta, mas gosto do Proton. Depende muito daquilo que pretendes. Queres só correio electrónico que funcione bem no navegador/telemóvel? Queres usar outros clientes (Thunderbird, K-9, etc)? Queres outros serviços integrados (calendário, contactos, ficheiros, etc)?

    Devo relembrar que correio electrónico cifrado nunca é verdadeiramente seguro (exceto entre duas contas do Proton ou da Tuta), o protocolo tem muitas falhas fundamentais para permitir comunicação realmente privada. É preferível utilizar outros meios, se existir necessidade para boa protecção.

  • Not really, 2k is enough to have a result with a pretty low error %.

    You’re totally right, my statistics is very rusty, good lord. For the ~240M eligible voters in the US, you can get roughly 2% margin of error, for the usual 95% confidence level.

    My comment was a bit daft, in retrospective. Surely the polling people know what they’re doing, better than I do for sure x)
    I guess it goes to show how non intuitive some statistical methods can be at first?

  • in Europe?
    7 days ago

    I’m not familiar with any service that works at the international level, but over in Portugal, the biggest ATM network, Multibanco, has had a service called MB NET (now integrated with the newer MB WAY app), which allows you to create temporary cards with 3 different behaviours: one-time, monthly, multiple uses. The first one always has 1 month of validity, while the others only expire after a year, and you can define a maximum capacity.

    It works perfectly well in foreign online services, but you have to have a card from one of the associated banks (presumably from their Portuguese branch?).