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  • Decisions should be made by whomever or whatever is most effective. That’s not even a debate. If the tarot cards were right more often than the judge, fire the judge and get me a deck. Because the judge is clearly ineffective.

    You can’t privilege an approach just because it sounds more reasonable. It also has to BE more reasonable. It’s crazy to say “I’m happy being wrong because I’m more comfortable with the process”

    The trick of course is to find fair ways to measure effectiveness accurately and make sure it’s repeatable. That’s a rabbit hole of challenges.

  • You sound like my management. Hey, we gave you some money yesterday, why isn’t the 10-year-long project done today?

    These things ramp up. Modernization takes time. We won’t see the true benefits until 80% of the way through the process.

    To be honest, I bet they targeted this one billion just to show some progress. It’s probably not even related to the actual modernization efforts they’re going through. But if they didn’t show some progress, idiots would cut their funding because, like my management and old man dick, political funding has no staying power.