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  • If you need a car, EV is a better choice. At least it doesn’t spew fumes directly on the street, although it’s far from ideal since electricity generation and lithium mining are also polluting. In balance slightly less harmful than ICE.

    Choose whichever connector is the most standard where you live. CCS2 in Europe, NACS in North America, CHAdeMO in Japan, the standard in China is usually listed as GB/T. No idea what is used in South America. The point is to make sure you’ll be able to resell the car easily in the future.

  • He’s good at providing hope. False hope, but that’s hard to admit if all other candidates seem hopeless.

    Especially for the blue collar working class and the rural poor who were forgotten by Republicans, actively hated on by Democrats. Also pretty much disenfranchised by the winner takes all electoral system.

    He didn’t manage to destroy the country in the first term due to the constant opposition from Democrats. That not obvious at first sight. If you were completely new to US politics he’d just seem loud and vaguely innefective.